Endeavour series 1 and 2 box set (including pilot) available in the UK from the 25th August.
You can pre-order it here.


Endeavour series 1 and 2 box set (including pilot) available in the UK from the 25th August.

You can pre-order it here.



I’m glad that Ferguson is getting attention, seriously I am, but I haven’t seen ONE post about what is happening over seas. Not even one post about the pictures above. Children are being beheaded and dragged into the streets where they are then shot because their families are Christian. Women are being raped and murdered. Men are being murdered. PEOPLE are dying. It’s a Christian Holocaust. And I haven’t seen anything on Tumblr.

Why aren’t any of you furious about this?! Where’s the “social justice?” ISIS is murdering people who don’t convert to Islam (yes, I know they’re extremists and not all Muslims are like that. Save yourself the rant) but I really want to know why this hasn’t been given the attention it deserves.

Seriously, guys. This is really scary, and we need to raise attention for these people. They so desperately need our prayers and support.

Disgusting monsters.

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Heteronormativity isn’t just about the presumption that everyone is heterosexual. The expectation that boys woo girls feeds into your mind the expectation that relationships are necessary for fulfilment, and you are less than if you are not having particular kinds of sex with a particular, and a particular kind of, person at particular intervals. It’s about what Lauren Berlant calls the love plot, in which love is produced as a generic text enabling society to interpret your life as following certain conventions. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what you’re supposed to want. You’re not encouraged to think about what you want in relationships, if anything, so much as you are encouraged to fit a script. Heteronormativity messes things up for everyone, straight people included.

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It’s not about what you want, it’s about what you’re supposed to want.

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This is why I don’t like most romance plots neither in novels nor in fan fic. Even if it’s m/m, it’s all about how this particular character can never ever be happy without that other particular character and bladiblablah. And everyone must find that one special person etc.pp.

Today romantic love has taken the place of religion. It’s opium for the self-indulgent sentimental masses.

That some people/characters might very well be quite content without some special person in their life and find fulfilment in successfully following their profession/vocation seems to be a no go.

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Anonymous asked: i was rewatching and wondering your thoughts - in the 1st ep, when john says, "so you got a boyfriend then? which is fine by the way" (or >.> watevs the lines accurately are, close enough tho, right) Why did Sherlock reply, "I know it's fine." instead of "not really my area" like he said about the girlfriend, or even just a simple, "no, i don't have one." ????? couldn't stop wondering about it all day and really wanted to know your view on the whole thing :/


Sherlock could be annoyed for any number of reasons such as:

  • Sherlock has already deduced that John’s ok with The Gay and his intelligence is being insulted.
  • Sherlock knows it’s fine to be gay and is annoyed that John thinks it needs saying. 
  • Sherlock is annoyed because he doesn’t need John’s approval.
  • Sherlock is annoyed because John is talking personal matters when he’s trying to concentrate on a case.
  • Sherlock is annoyed because that’s what Mycroft always tells him.
  • Sherlock is annoyed because he’s tired of people trying to figure out what his sexuality is.
  • Sherlock is annoyed because he thinks John is hitting on him.
  • Sherlock is annoyed because John, in telling him that it’s ok with him if Sherlock is gay, is actually telling Sherlock that he’s straight but not narrow.
  • Sherlock is annoyed because John’s not asking what he really wants to ask.
  • Etc.

So there are any number of ways to read this scene. ALL scenes, really. There is no One True Reading. Choose the one that suits you today. Change your mind later if you like. Convince your friends. Convince yourself. Unconvince yourself. No matter what you do, SUIT yourself. Have fun! Isn’t indeterminacy FASCINATING?!



I’ll never understand the need some people have to have *everything* spelled out to them.

Anonymous asked: I definitely think Sherlock's lack of caring doesn't at all come naturally to him. When he acts on impulse, it's always heart over head decisions. I see him as a loving sweetheart that was devastated by death (ex. Redbeard) and had his heart trampled on by those he thought to be his friends who really just use him and say mean things to him (ex. Sebastian Wilkes). He tries now not to care, because, when you've been hurt like Sherlock has, alone is what protects you.


Also, there’s enough proof that he was bullied as a child. And that can really damage a person growing up. Like his own brother bullied him and would call him foul names like “stupid” or what not that aren’t really a thing a child should be hearing growing up. And I know all siblings do that sort of thing, but they also (sometimes) know when to tone it down. And like I feel like he grew up feeling like he was always in some sort of competition. Like.. between him and his brother. They seem to have disputes and he always seems to want to prove that in some way he is better than Mycroft. Especially with the whole Let’s Deduce scene. He kept trying to one up Mycroft and would be shot down when Mycroft got him back. To the point that he just teased Mycroft in hopes of confusing him or throwing him off track. He wants to pretend as if he were a higher species than human but he’s really the most human human being John Watson has ever met. 

Hamlet - Ticket Availability


I’ve been asked a lot today about ticket availability and if people should get orange memberships if they were waiting for public sale. I can’t really answer that for you but it is fair to say it is selling very very quickly.

Now I know ATG have an allocation of seats for each show but I don’t…

Anonymous asked: What did you think of s3?



Honestly, it’s hard for me to be disappointed in anything. I’m one of those annoyingly optimistic types. Especially when it comes to stuff like this. One of my friends was very critical of The Desolation of Smaug—he has every right to be—and the whole time I thought, This is a movie and it’s a lovely movie and look at the scale and this is magnificent omg it’s an actual movie it’s a movie I’m crying look it’s a movie that everyone can enjoy.

So yeah. Keep that in mind while I reflect on my season 3 opinion. Because it’s going to be happy. I do have my qualms, but they are minuscule compared to how much joy and excitement I felt watching season 3 for the first time. I do no begrudge anyone for feeling otherwise, though. It’s possible to be critical of something and love it at the same time. In fact, that’s often a sign of being a huge fan. I’m just one of those weird huge fans and spews positivity everywhere like a geyser of rainbows and butterflies. 

The Empty Hearse. I DO admit that TEH wasn’t what I had been expecting. I spent so long reading all the angsty, heart-rending fic I could get my hands on that I forgot Sherlock is actually a funny show. A dark comedy, but a comedy nevertheless. They were never going to treat Sherlock’s return with the gravity we’d all come to expect because that’s not the way the show works. So after my initial shock of non-tearful-reunion feels, I thought the episode was brilliant. It was a tribute to fandom in the best sense and I loved how even though Sherlock and John spent the majority of the episode apart, it almost didn’t feel that way. BECAUSE THEY WERE THINKING ABOUT EACH OTHER EVERY OTHER SECOND SRSLY. John is supposedly ‘getting on with his life’, but he’s at Sherlock’s grave and then at 221B. I think the only time he’s NOT thinking of Sherlock is when he’s about to propose to Mary, but Sherlock counterbalances John’s not-thinking-of-Sherlock with his notice-me-notice-me-NOTICE-ME. So yeah. They’re damaged, delusional, and Sherlock’s top priority is to make John laugh. My feelings are 10000000896% done.

The Sign of Three: This is my favorite episode. I don’t even care. It’s my absolute favorite episode. Because John gets the credit he deserves. It’s a love letter to John Watson. I don’t believe he’s been given enough credit since the very beginning and this did so much for me as a long-time fan. I am so happy John Watson was recognized. Not to mention! Did you ever imagine that Sherlock and John would get drunk together and play silly games? I didn’t. It was magic. This episode was every bit about Sherlock’s love for John. We don’t get that a lot in canon. I mean, Sherlock obviously cares, and you see glimpses of it, and rarely does Watson see how much Holmes loves him, but my soul needed this. So bad. I needed John Watson to see. And I needed Sherlock to see. And this episode delivers. 

His Last Vow: SO MANY CANON REFS OMG. The drugs, Wiggins, the burglary. I am a happy, happy girl. I knew what was going on with Janine the moment she stepped out of Sherlock’s bedroom so I enjoyed what I imagine was supposed to be a shock-and-awe moment. But you know. It was delicious. John’s jealousy gives me life. He’s so protective. I love it. I EVEN figured out who they were going to run into in CAM’s office before they got there. I didn’t imagine Sherlock would get shot, though. That was probably the only part of the episode where I freaked out. It was like TPTB reminding you that this is THEIR show and they can mix it up a bit. So exciting. Though very nerve-wracking. Poor Sherlock. I must say the sequence of events surrounding Mary shooting him was absolutely gorgeous. So so so pretty. I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this, but Sherlock clawing back to life for John was worth the pain of my favorite literary character getting shot. (Don’t hate me.) There are so many clues in the final episode and it’s very exciting. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.


I agree. Series 3 was pure brilliant genius.

fettine di culo


Gentilissimo Ministro Dario Franceschini,
Gentilissima Dottoressa Anna Maria Buzzi,

Mi chiamo Michele Spellucci, sono un violoncellista, diplomato nel mio strumento con buoni voti al Conservatorio di Milano e specializzato a Vienna con un grandissimo maestro di chiara fama. Nella mia carriera…

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